Changes in the Netherlands

Termination of the service level agreement with S4

The Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Affairs has decided to terminated the service level agreement with S4 effective July 1, 2015.

The main reasons for this decision are:guidance counselor

  1. Deficiencies in the level and quality of services provided by S4
  2. The need to increase the return on investment by promoting studying within the region
  3. The need to reduce cost and increase efficiency and efficacy
  4. The need to reorganize and restructure the care, guidance and supervision in the Netherlands to better meet the needs of students

Consequently, the care, guidance and supervision for study financing recipients residing in the Netherlands will be synchronized with services provided to study financing recipients in other places like Curacao and Aruba. It is our intention to make the students more independent and responsible for their own affairs as these skills are considered to be vital for academic success in the Netherlands. As such, the main factors of the care will be empathy, concern and interest, effortlessly trying, attentive and support. The main factors of the guidance will be empowering and advising. The main factors of the supervision will be encouraging of autonomy, open discussion and strengthening of the supervisory relationship.

For more information a detailed overview of the changes please click on the link overview of changes in the Netherlands

Important Changes

Medical Insurance

What will change?

  • Effective July 1, 2015, study financing recipients pursuing their studies in the Netherlands for more than one (1) year will be responsible for paying their own medical insurance premiums.
  • Study financing recipients pursuing their studies in the Netherlands for more than one (1) year will be eligible for a reimbursement of the cost of their medical insurance premium upon submission a proof of payment, a valid NNAM insurance policy, a valid proof enrollment and study results for the academic year or designated period;
  • The medical insurance premium reimbursement, will be equivalent to the premium of the NNAM student medical insurance policy which ranges between 49,50 euros – 62,50 euros depending on your age;
  • The reimbursements will be paid out twice per academic year namely in February for the period August to January, in August for the period February to July;

What to do if you are unable to pay your own premium?

Tickets, book money, reimbursements

Effective July 1, 2015, the Division Study Financing will be responsible for processing all requests for tickets, book money and medical reimbursements. The procedures will remain the same and can be found on our website .

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