SIDR Financing Information and Application



  • ‘Studying in the Region’ has been financed by the Dutch Ministry of Onderwijs, Cultuur & Wetenschap (OCW) from 2011-2023 through bilateral protocols signed between the Min ECYS and Min OCW.
    During the period 2015 – 2023, scholarships were provided to some one hundred (100+) talented students who show potential excellence in areas of study that will benefit the future of St. Maarten.
    Eighty three percent (83%) of the recipients were able to transition to regular study financing or successfully complete their training certification and or degree program.
  • Studying in the region is being negatively impacted by the following factors:
    1. The economic downturn on Sint Maarten
    2. The drastic increase in tuition rates
    3. The increase in the number of international (English) programs being offered in the Netherlands
    On average, tuition tends to increase by approximately 8% per year. This literally mean that the cost of college in the United States doubles every nine years. The economic fallout from the natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the ability of many parents to provide the necessary financial support to their children pursuing studies in the region.
    In an effort to ensure that students from underprivileged family will have equal access to advanced technical vocational- and or tertiary level education, the studying in the region project funding amounts will have to be increased.

The project was extended for the period 2020-2023


The objectives are:

  • To provide talented students with potential who do not meet the criteria for the requirements to obtain regular study financing, with funding to pursue the first semester or – year of their studies at advanced technical vocational- or tertiary level education institutions in the region (America, Canada, St. Maarten and Caribbean Islands).
  • To facilitate the transition of studying in the region scholarship recipients to the regular study financing system.
  • To provide supplementary study financing to regular study financing recipients from underprivileged families who are encountering financial hardship funding their studies in the region.

Definition of the region

  • St. Maarten
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire
  • The Caribbean Islands
    • Barbados
    • Puerto Rico
    • Trinidad
    • St.Lucia
    • Dominican Republic
    • Etc.


Criteria and Requirements

The criteria and requirements to qualify for a scholarship under the study in the region program are outlined in the studying in the region implementation which is an addendum to this project plan. Below is a synopsis of the main requirements.

Studying in the region scholarships will be awarded for a period 1 year, maximum 2 years to primarily students who do not qualify for regular study financing. Students should transition after 1 year or 2 years to the regular study financing program. No scholarship will be awarded for Europe.

  • Applicants should be:
  1. Older than 17 years
  2. In possession of the Dutch nationality Or
  3. A permanent resident (in possession of a legal permanent residency status) for minimum 5 years prior to the request for SIDR financing and in the process of being naturalized (Please that permanent residents are only eligible for SIDR financing to study on St.Maarten) 
  4. Not a former recipient of SIDR funding
  • The following required documents must be submitted with a completed application form:
  1. Proof registration Civil Registry
  2. Declaration of taxable income (personal and/or parental)
  3. Copy of passport Or
  4. Copy of residence permit (If applicable)
    – Proof of application for Dutch Nationality or proof of payment for the naturalization exams
  5. High school Diploma   (If applicable)
  6. Most recent transcript or grades
  7. Student Visa (if applicable)


  • The area of study must be:
  1. On the 2023 Government of St. Maarten priority list of studies
  2. First priority will be given to studies in the area of:
  • Advanced Technical Vocational
  • Primary- and secondary education


  • Applicants must:
  1. Be already enrolled at the educational institution or planning to start your studies in Spring 2023
  2. Have special talent ,proven affinity or interest in the area of study
  3. Have at least average grades for subjects relevant to area of study
  4. First preference will be given to:
  • Unemployed persons
  • PSVE graduates
  • Persons pursuing their first degree
  • The educational institution and or place of study must be the most effectual to pursue the study. The following educational institution are earmarked as most effectual:
      • University of St. Martin and or UVI@USM
      • Caribbean Region:
        • MIC Institute of Technology of Trinidad
      • North America:
        • FAMU, MONROE
  • Both the applicants personal income and the combined parental income must be less than 200.000 guilders annually.
  • The applicants should not be:
    • Eligible for regular study financing
    • Negligent in not having applied for regular study financing
    •  In possession of a bachelor degree (Exemptions are applicable due to extenuating socio-economic circumstances)
  • The applicant did not receive a scholarship under the studying in the region program for more than 3 years.
  • The available budget must be sufficient to approve the request.


  • The established scholarship quota for the various countries may not been exceeded:
  1. St. Maarten:                       10
  2. Caribbean Region:             3
  3. North and Latin America: 4
  • Criteria from the Implementation plan Studying in the Region is also applicable.

Scope and method

The funding will completely or partially cover the following cost related to a study program:
1. Tuition
2. Living Expense (not for student residing on St. Maarten)
3. Study material and books
Funding will be awarded as:

  1.  A 60 % loan and a 40% grant for persons with a personal income or combined parental income 150.000,00 guilders or less
  2. A 100 % loan for persons with a personal income or combined parental income above 150.000,00 guilders

The repayment of study loans are subject to the conditions stipulated in the “Landsstudietoelageregeling”.

How much funding will be awarded:

  • USM, UVI @USM, Caribbean Region maximum ANG 17.800,00
  • Online dependent on tuition maximum ANG 9.000,00 per semester
  • USA and Canada maximum ANG 26.700,00Supplementary study financing for existing regular study recipients
    • Maximum:  4 persons  @ANG 4.450,00

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