Summer Courses

Summer Courses

Who can request funding a Summer ( or Spring ) semester?

Study financing recipients who are:

  • required to take prerequisites course(s) to graduate earlier;
  • attending schools with an academic year consisting of three mandatory semesters (Fall, Winter and Spring);

When can you request Summer Course Funding?

  • March 1 to April 15, annually

What is the maximum amount that you can receive?

  • Naf. 13,500.00
  • This is the maximum amount that you can receive for the full duration of your study

How is financing awarded?

  • The financing will be recorded as 40% grant and 60% loan or as or a 100% loan depending on the total parental income.

How to request Summer Course Funding?

  • Please login to the portal (

    Which documents are required?

  • Proof that credits earned prerequisite courses for your degree (Degree Audit) OR
  • Proof that the summer courses are mandatory to graduate (Letter from the school or an Advisor)
  • Proof of registration for the classes
  • Proof of the summer school cost (tuition, books/materials/housing etc.)
  • Cost breakdown/overview

For more information or questions , please email or call +1721-5273840 (WhatsApp)

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