Summer Courses

Summer Courses


The COVID -19 pandemic is expected to severely affect the Government of St.Maarten financial liquidity position. In light of the aforementioned, it is deemed prudent to impose certain restrictions on the issuance of funding for summer course(s) and or study abroad programs.

The following study financing recipients will be exempted from this austerity measure:

a.       who are required to take mandatory course(s) or study abroad program that are prerequisites to graduate for Summer and/or Fall 2020;

b.      who are attending schools with an academic year consisting of three mandatory semesters (Fall, Winter and Spring);

Division Study Financing will be authorized to deny requests that are not in conformity with the imposed restrictions. Students who are negatively affected by this measure may lodge a note of objection with the Minister within six (6) weeks after the decision is sent or received.

Criteria and conditions:

  • A letter addressed to the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport requesting summer course funding.
  • Please indicate in your letter the amount that is being requested. (maximum NAF. 13.500,00)
  • The amount disbursed will be a combination of grant and loan in the ratio 2:3 (40%:60%) or a 100% loan.
  • The  deadline to submit a request for summer course funding is April 15, annually.
  • The request should always be signed by the applicant.

Supporting documents:

  • Proof that credits earned during summer school will ultimately lead to a reduction in the time needed to earn your degree.
  • Proof of the summer school cost (tuition, books/materials/housing etc.)

Please email the request and supporting documents to:

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