Our Decision making process

New Applications

Study Financing Committee (SFC)
• All study financing applications that meet the criteria stipulated in article 10 of the Study Financing Ordinance and supporting documents are sent to the Study Financing Committee (SFC) for advice.
• The members of the SFC are: the Division Head Study Financing as chairperson and 6 members appointed by the minister. The core task of the SFC is to advise the minister regarding granting or denying requests of study financing requests.

The Minister
• The Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Affairs takes the final decision to grant or deny the study financing.

The Decisions
• The Division Study Financing will inform the applicants of the Minister’s decision before June 30th annually.


Requests from study financing recipients

The Division Study Financing is tasks with preparing advises/decrees for approval of the following requests:

Requests for:

  1. Change of study major
  2. Change of place of study /Transfer
  3. Summer courses funding
  4. Computer or additional study materials loans
  5. Mandatory study exchange programs
  6. Extension of study financing.
  7. Resettlement allowance
  8. Reimbursement of funds.
  9. Revocation of study financing.
  10. Increase in payment amount.

The advice must be approved by the following entities/persons:

  • Division Head Study Financing
  • Controller ECYS
  • Minister of ECYS

If the advice has financial consequences then it must also be approved by the following entities/persons within the Ministry of Finance:

  • Internal Control FBB
  • Department Head Finance
  • SG FIN
  • Minister of Finance




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