Changing of Study or Educational Institution

Changing  of Study or Educational Institution or Place of Study

Criteria and conditions:

  • The study must be a priority area of study.
  • The credits earned should be transferable.
  • The student must have sufficient years of study financing available to complete the study.

Supporting documents:

  • A letter addressed to the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport  requesting permission to change study or place of study.
    • The letter must contain your motivation/reasons for requesting the change.
  • Proof of admittance to the new school or study (major).
  • Proof that credits are transferable (if applicable).
  • A letter from the educational institution indicating the new expected graduation date (if applicable).
changing place of study to the netherlands
  • Besides the aforementioned requirements please note the following:
    • Students studying in the Netherlands are required to request study financing from the Dutch Government. Please visit for more information.
    • Students must also regulate their own housing. It is advisable to choose  schools that provides housing. For more information
    • Students studying in the Netherlands only receive a partial scholarship from the Government of St.Maarten covering medical insurance, book money, guidance (first and second year students only), tickets (first time startup, vacation, death and or completion of studies).
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