Activate Study Financing

Procedure to Activate you Study Financing

  • New Recipients
    • To activate your study financing, the following documents must be submitted at least one (1) month before :
      • Proof of registration and or acceptance letter no older than 1 month
      • Parental tax declarations (for the year before)
      • If you are pursuing classes online please submit

        • An invoice for online tuition
    • If you will be traveling to abroad USA, please login to to request a ticket at least a month in advance.

      • To request a ticket the following documents are required:
        • Itinerary from Maduro Travel. Request via email:
        • A copy of US student Visa and I-20 form (if applicable).
        • Proof of registration for Spring 2021 and or acceptance letter
    • The following documents are also required:

      • Your WIB bank account number
      • Completed Nagico Medical Insurance Application form. Please click here  NAGICO FORM to download.
        • Kindly have a physician fill in the form. Please submit the following along with your application form  at the Government Administration Building directly.
        • HIV lab result
        • RPR Lab results
        • Copy of your ID/passport
      • Please note, the medical physician will charge for this service. The cost will vary per physician.
      • If you are privately insured or insured via your school then please click here to download the medical insurance declination form .

Other conditions may apply depending on the circumstances.


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