Extension of study financing

Study financing is granted in principle for  the duration of your studies, however students must qualify for an extension of their study financing each semester.

Per Semester

Spring (January to July)

  • Before December 15th of each year
    • All students must submit at least an unofficial transcripts, a report card /grades or screenshot.
    • Proof of enrollment no older than one (1) month or
    • Proof of registration for classes

Please email the aforementioned documents to: studyresults@study-sxm.org

Fall (August to December)

  • Before June 30th of the current year:
    • All students must submit a copy of your parents filed Tax form for the previous year .
  • Before July 15th of each year
    • All students must submit your official report cards/grades or transcripts .
    • All official transcripts must be submitted a sealed envelope in hard copy or
    • Emailed directly to Division Study Financing by the educational institution in PDF format or
    • Submitted via a downloadable link

Please email the aforementioned documents to: studyresults@study-sxm.org

  • Very Important:
    • Please note that submitting false or forge information with the intention of securing an extension of study financing is a punishable act

After exceeding the maximum duration

The maximum duration of your study financing is dependent on the place of study.

  • Netherlands, Curacao and Aruba: maximum: 6 years
  • All other countries: maximum: 5 years

If you need additional time to complete your studies then you must request an extension in the form of a 100% loan.

Criteria and conditions:

  • A letter addressed to the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Affairs requesting an extension of your study financing or 100% loan
    • This letter must contain your motivation/reasons for needing an extension.
    • The letter must be submitted before April 30th to ensure processing before August 1st.

Supporting documents:

  • An official document from the school indicating your expected graduation date.
  • A copy of your recent grades
  • Proof of enrollment
  • Information regarding your eligibility for study financing from DUO (if applicable)



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