Extension of Study financing

Study financing is granted in principle for  the duration of your studies, however students must qualify for an extension of their study financing each semester.

Per Semester

Spring (January to July)

  • To secure an extension of your study financing for Spring or Winter , you are hereby requested to submit the following document:
    •  An unofficial transcript with your study results for Fall 

    If you don’t have any study results at this time then please submit:

    •  Screenshot(s) or printout(s) of your  intermediate study results from your school’s portal or student account

    Important note: Your Name and Study Major must be visible on the screenshot

    •  Proof of Registration for Spring Year or Winter Year.
    Please use the link below to LOGIN and submit the required information before January 31.

Fall (August to December)

  • As a recipient of study financing from the Government of Sint Maarten, you are required to submit:
    • Your official study results for the entire school year August to July of the current year.
      • Request an official digital transcript from your school. Place yourself as beneficiary. If your school doesn’t provide digital transcripts, then create an authentic digital copy (security features must be visible) of your transcript.
      • Please do not send any hard copy transcripts via the regular mail service
    • Your parental income tax declaration of the previous year
    • Proof of registration for Fall  (USA, Canada) or a proof of enrollment for the new school year  (Netherlands, Curacao, Aruba, UK)
    • Proof of insurance payments for the period January to July current year (Only second year and older students in the Netherlands)

    This must be done by logging into the study financing portal. 

    Please use the link below to login and submit the required information before july 15.


  • Please download and watch the video tutorials from:


  • Once logged in:
    1. Verify and update your personal information including a recent photo
    2. Enter your the courses, grades and study points/credits pursued during the entire school year
    3. Upload your official transcript or grade list
    4. Upload your  parental tax declaration
    5. Upload your proof of registration for Fall 2020 or proof of enrollment for the school year
    6. Verify the submission
    7. Confirm the accuracy and authenticity of documents and information

    Please be reminded that submitting incomplete, inaccurate , forged or fraudulent information with the intention of securing an extension of your study financing is a punishable act. 

    The processing of your extension request can be monitored via the portal as well as the status of your study financing payment.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@studyfinancing.sx or +1721 527 3840.
    Failure to comply with this request before the stipulated deadline will result in the non-extension of your study financing for the new academic year.



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