Request an exemption to remain abroad for professionalization

As per article 21 of the “Landsstudietoelageregling” ,study financing recipients are required to returned to St.Maarten within 6 months after completion of their studies or they may request an exemption to remain abroad to professionalize or study further once this is not at the expense of the Government of St.Maarten.

When should you request an exemption?

  • To do Occupational Practical Training (OPT) after completing your studies.
  • To remain abroad and further your studies (masters, PHD) at your own expense. If you are still a study financing recipient no exemption is required.
  • Important Notice
  • Regular work not combine with a study or training is not consider as professionalization

    How to request an exemption?

  • Login to the study financing portal

  • Select register your graduation
    • Enter your graduation date
    • Upload proof of graduation (Official transcript or diploma)
  • After your graduation is approved then you will be able to request an exemption
  • Login to the study financing portal again
  • Click on request exemption
  • Select the End date of the exemption
    • The exemption will be granted for one (1) year and must be extended annually by submitting OPT completion documents ,study results and or proof of enrollment
  • Select the Reason
  • Give a brief explanation/elucidation regarding the exemption
  • Upload the required documents

    Required supporting documents:

In case OPT/Practical Training:

  • Proof that you was doing OPT (Contract, OPT documents, US employment permit etc.)

In case of further development

  • Proof of developmental related activities

In case of furthering your studies:

  • Proof of enrollment in a master or PHD program.


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