Requests from study financing recipients

The Division Study Financing is tasked with preparing advise/decrees for approval of the following requests:

Requests for:

  1. Change of study major
  2. Change of place of study /Transfer
  3. Summer courses funding
  4. Computer or additional study materials loans
  5. Mandatory study exchange programs
  6. Extension of study financing.
  7. Resettlement allowance
  8. Reimbursement of funds.
  9. Revocation of study financing.
  10. Increase in payment amount.


The advice must be approved by the following entities/persons:

  • Division Head Study Financing
  • Comptroller ECYS
  • Minister of ECYS
  • Head of the Department of Finance*
  • SG FIN*
  • Minister of Finance *

* Only in cases where advices have financial consequences.




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