Requesting an Extension of Study financing as a 100% Loan

Please follow this procedure to request an extension of studying in the form of a 100% loan

After exceeding the maximum duration Or Psychology/Medicine students to specialize

The maximum duration of your study financing is dependent on the place of study.

  • Netherlands, Curacao and Aruba: maximum: 6 years
  • All other countries: maximum: 5 years

If you need additional time to complete your studies then you must request an extension in the form of a 100% loan.

Please login to the portal 

  • Enter:

    • The Reason for the study delay or required extension
    • The Duration of the extension
    • Your New expected graduation date
  • Upload in pdf format:

    • A letter addressed to the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Affairs requesting an extension of your study financing or 100% loan
      • This letter must contain your motivation/reasons for needing an extension.
    • An official document from the school indicating your new expected graduation  date and subject to be completed during this period.
    • A degree audit (Not required for the Netherlands or UK)
    • A copy of your recent grades (Official transcript)
    • Proof of enrollment
    • Information regarding your eligibility for study financing from DUO (The Netherlands)



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