Priority List of Studies

2022 Priority Listing of careers and studies for Study Financing

Accountants (USM)

Accountancy and Control (Tax Inspectors: NL)

Air conditioning and Refrigeration technicians

Aircraft Maintenance

Anesthesia Assistants


Archive Specialist (MA level)


Aviation Management


Child Psychiatrists (MA Level)

Coastal and Marine Management

Commercial Pilots

Communication Specialists

Computer Specialists:

Cyber Security, Programmers, Software Developers, Systems/Network Administrators, Database   Science, Telecommunication, Data Analysts

Construction Management/Specialists (AA/BA)


Culinary Arts (Chefs BA)

Culture Studies

Curriculum Developers (MA)

Dental Hygienists

Disaster and Emergency Management




Agricultural, Aeronautical, Biomedical, Civil, Electronic, IT-Network, Mechanical and Telecommunication


Environmental Science


Fabricators (Metal/Fiberglass)

Finance (BA: USM/MA)

Finance and Control Specialists (NL:BA/MA)

Health Care Management

Human Resource Specialists


Lawyers (NL):

General, Fiscal, Internet/ Intellectual Property/ICT, Legislative

Legal secretaries/Judicial Assistants

Marketing Specialists

Media and Entertainment Management

Medical Specialists:

Cardiologists, Dentists, Dental Surgeon, Dermatologist,

Ear Nose and Throat Specialist, Emergency Physicians,

Gastroenterology, General Surgeons, Gynecologists, Internists,

Neurologists, Neurosurgeon, Ophthalmologists, Orthopedic Surgeons,

Pediatricians, Plastic Surgeon, Podiatrist, Pulmonologists,

Radiologists, Rehabilitation Specialist, Urologist,

Youth Doctors , Midwives


Nursing (BA)


Occupational Therapists

Operating Room Technicians

Orthopedagoog/Educational Diagnostician


Pharmacist Assistants


Physical Therapists

Plumbers (AA)

Project Managers (USM: BusM)


Public Administrators

Radiologic Technology/ MRI technologists

Risk Management/ Insurance Specialist

Safety and Security Management

Sports Management (BA)

Social Workers (USM)




Primary Education:

Elementary school (USM-EN)-, Special Education- and Remedial teachers

(Language of instruction: EN or DU)

Secondary Education:

Biology, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Arts, Chemistry, Geography

Music, History, Mathematics, Physical Education, Business

Computer Science and Physics

(Language of instruction: EN or DU)

Technical Vocational Education:

Automotive, Nursing, Maritime, Plumbing, Carpentry,

Electrical, Building Construction, Pedagogic, Welding

(Language of instruction: EN)

Theatre, Visual- and Creative Arts specialists

AA: Associate; BA: Bachelor; MA: Master; EN: English; DU: Dutch; NL: Study must be pursued in the Netherlands. USM: University of St.Martin. No study financing but rather a study allowance is awarded for all programs offered at NIPA.
The associates or BTEC level 4/5 portion of the following studies must be pursued at the University of St.Martin: Business-Management, Accounting, Finance, International Business (IBS)
and or Management (IBMS), Hospitality Management and Social Work. The chosen study majors must be the most effectual to obtain a degree of certification in that priority area. This
entails that study financing will not be awarded to for non-priority studies because it contain elements of priority studies.
Sources and methodology
The list of studies and careers was compiled based on 2021 priority listing of studies and the non-priority studies for which the minister awarded study financing in 2021.

Sources and methodology

The list of occupations has been compiled based on 2019-2020 priority list.

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