Priority List of Studies

2023 Study Financing Priority List

Aviation Science
Aviation Management, (BS) / (MS)
Airline Pilot
Air Traffic Management/ Control (BS)
Air Traffic Control
Aviation Maintenance (BA) (Certificate)
Aviation Electronics (BA) (Certificate)

Business and Management (USM)
Business Administration (BA) / (MBA)
Accounting (BA) / (BA to CPA)
Human Resources Management (BA) / (MA)
Marketing (BA)
Entrepreneur Studies (BS)
Project Management (BA)

Construction and Architectural Studies
Construction Management (BS) / (MS)
Electrical Engineering (BSE) / (MSE)
Graphic Information Technology (BS)
Software Engineering (BS)
Architectural Design Technology (BS)
Civil Engineering (BS)
—Building Science Emphasis
—Environmental Engineering Emphasis
—Structural Engineering Emphasis

Education and Teaching
Elementary Education (USM-EN), (BS)
Secondary Education (BA) / (MA)
Special Education (M.Ed.)
Curriculum Specialist (MA)
Teachers (M.Ed.)
—Historian Emphasis (BA) / (MA)
—Fine Arts Emphasis (Drawing, Painting, Handicraft)
—Music Emphasis (Voice Coaches and Trainers)
—Physical Education Emphasis

Public Safety
Forensic Science (MS)

Social Sciences / Liberal Arts
Anthropology (MA)
Archaeology (MA)
Culture and Heritage Management (BA) / (MA)
Game Development and Interaction Design (BA)
Media and Entertainment Management (MA)
Journalism (BA)
Sports Psychology (BA) / (MA)
School Psychology (BA) / (MA)
Spatial Economics and Data Analysis (MS)
Statistics (MS)
Creative and Festival Arts / Carnival Studies (BA)
—(Costume designing, building, and Management Emphasis)

Healthcare and Fitness
Medical Doctors:
—E R Doctor
—Orthopedic doctor or Surgeon
—Osteopathic doctor
—Neuropsychic doctor
Dental Hygienist (BS)
Nursing, (RN) / (BSN) / (MSN)
—Pediatric Nurse
—Dialysis Nurse
—Emergency Room Nurse
Pharmacy Technician/ Assistant
Radiology Technology (BS)
Sports Management (BA) / (BS)
Therapist (Sports)

Hospitality and Tourism
Hospitality Management (BS) / (MS)
Culinary Arts (BA) / (MA)

Information Technology and Computer Science
Computer Information Systems (BS) / (MS)
Cyber security (BS)

Legal Studies (NL)
Legislative Lawyers (BA) / (MA)
Legal Assistant (BS) / (MS)
Management Economie en Recht (MER)

Public Affairs and Policy Management
Public Administration (BA) / (MPA)
Public Policy and Management (MA)
Legislative Analyst (BA) / (MA)

Vocational training/ Certification in:
Radio Diagnostic Technician
Operating Room Technician
Biomedical Technician
Cardiac Technician
Automotive Mechanic
Diesel Technology
Iron Welder
Computer Repair
Machinist (Lathe machine operator)
Mixologist (craft of mixing drinks)/ Certified Bartender
Couturier (Fashion Designer)

BA: Bachelor; MA: Master; BS: Bachelor of Science; BAE: Bachelor of Elementary Education; MS: Master of Science; M.Ed.: Master of Education; BSE:
Bachelor of Science and Engineering; MSE: Master of Science in engineering; EN: English; NL: Study must be pursued in the Netherlands. No study
financing but rather a study allowance is awarded for all programs offered at NIPA. USM: study financing will only be awarded to pursue this study
at the University of St. Martin. Business Management (IBMS, IBS etc.) and Hospitality Management must be pursued at USM
Sources and methodology
The list of occupations has been compiled based on the recommendations in the approved Research Study Report: Labor Market Needs on Sint
Maarten for the Study Financing Priority List 2023 – 2026

Preparation and approval

The Study Financing Priority list was prepared by the Department of Education and approved by the Council of Ministers of Sint Maarten.

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