Career Counseling

Career Counseling is similar in nature to traditional counseling. However, the focus is generally on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues (Swanson, 1995).


Career Counseling Services provides a process by which each individual chooses the best career path for him or herself following the appropriate exploration.

Career Exploration is a life-long process. With the changing times in our society, making the “right” decision can feel somewhat overwhelming. Therefore, it’s important NOT to randomly make your career decision. Making a good career decision can be a lengthy process, although many think that it is a decision that can be made very quickly.

The purpose of career assessment and counseling is to develop a profile of each individual’s work-related strengths and limitations, vocational abilities, aptitudes, and interests. Counseling then assists each person to understand and utilize his or her potential in reaching life’s goals.

Career Assessments – Evaluate your interests, skills, and personality traits through career inventories.

Workshops/Seminars – Attend workshops on choosing a major, identifying career options, obtaining Study financing, and others.

Set up an appointment with the career counselor to discuss choosing a major or career, deciding on and applying to schools, and other career concerns.

For Career Counseling Service and more information please contact:

  • Student Support Service Division
    • Michel Chance
  • MPC-Sundial
    • Erica Vlaun
  • St.Dominic-High
    • Gianne de Weever
  • St.Maarten Academy
    • Shameda Delaney
  • MAC High
    • Davian Thompson

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