About Us

Division Study Financing

Is agency within the Ministry of Education,Culture, Youth and Sport that assists and guides students in their pursuit of higher-and tertiary level education, the Division Study Financing (DSF) is:

A reliable partner who thinks along with the policymakers. DSF executes financial and administrative processes and in accordance with the Study Financing Ordinance; An expert link between pupils, students, parents, teachers, schools, universities and other partners. DSF connects these parties together and involve them actively in the implementation;

A forward-looking and thinking agency that makes processes as easy as possible for its customers and associates. DSF will continually work to improve service and adapt quickly to technological innovations;

Division Head

Antonio M. Aventurin

Division Head

    Norissa Jacobus-Richards


    Study Financing Officers

    Angelique Gumbs-de Weever

    Study Financing Officer (USA)

    Gennie Hanley

    Study Financing Officer (Caribbean Region, St. Maarten and Canada)

    Senior Study Financing Officers

    Calvin Mardembrough

    Senior Study Financing Officer

    Lissa Carter

    Senior Study Financing Officer

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