About Us

Division Study Financing

Is agency within the Ministry of Education,Culture, Youth and Sport that assists and guides students in their pursuit of higher-and tertiary level education, the Division Study Financing (DSF) is:

A reliable partner who thinks along with the policymakers. DSF executes financial and administrative processes and in accordance with the Study Financing Ordinance; An expert link between pupils, students, parents, teachers, schools, universities and other partners. DSF connects these parties together and involve them actively in the implementation;

A forward-looking and thinking agency that makes processes as easy as possible for its customers and associates. DSF will continually work to improve service and adapt quickly to technological innovations;

Division Head

Antonio M. Aventurin

Division Head

Study Financing Officers

    Gennie Hanley

    Study Financing Officer

    Financial Officer

    Dinoseta Richardson-Caprino

    Financial Officer

    Senior Study Financing Officers

      Shyron Sprott

      Senior Study Financing Officer

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