Student Responsibilities

Parental Tax Information

All students must submit a copy of your parents filed Tax form for the previous year before June 30th of each year.

All students must submit your grades/transcripts before July 15th of each year.

Fulltime student
All study financing recipients must be fulltime students
A fulltime study is defined in the various educational systems as:

  • USA min. 12 credit per semester
  • UK 120 credits per year
  • CANADA(100-0*) 72 hours per year or 6 unit per semester
  • Aruba, Curaçao , Bonaire, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands
    SBO/MBO level 3 or 4 1680 study hours
  • Europe 60 studiepunten (ECTS)

Not earning sufficient credits may result in a reduction of the study financing payment for the next year

Updating personal information
All students are required to update their contact information on a yearly basis. This information should be submitted to study financing in July of each year.

  • Email address, Student’s physical address
  • Major, Length of time remaining to complete studies
  • Local address in St. Maarten,
  • Telephone numbers (both on St. Maarten and at your place of study)



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