SIDR Online Application Form

The purpose of this application form is to allow applicants to fill in the application form for Studying in the Region online/digitally. After completing and submitting this form, you will be provided with a PDF version of the form to download with all the information that you have submitted.

Download this form, print it, sign it (and have it signed by your parents), then bring it in to us as a hard copy of your application along with the other Required Documents (Criteria and Requirements).


Use this form to:
Request study financing to pursue higher education at “SBO”, “MBO”, “HBO”, college or university level within the region.
Submit the completed form and required documents before October 15, 2016 to:
Division Study Financing, N. de Brotstraat # 3, Vlaun Building, Philipsburg St.Maarten

See the page with Required Documents to be sure you didn’t forget anything while applying.

All applicants are required to read the terms and conditions under which study financing is granted or denied before applying for study financing.

Please note that your application is not valid until the completed application form and required documents have been submitted to Division Study Financing.



Thank you for your interest, but we are no longer accepting applications at this time.


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